Welcome to West Oakville Off-Leash Friends,

better known as WOOF Park.


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Weíve created this site as a place where you can learn, share your dog stories, pictures, recipes and suggestions. Feel free to submit your comments to Woofpark Email.


Weíve are still noticing some owners arenít picking up after their dog(s). PLEASE pick up! Itís not only your responsibility as a dog owner, itís the law. If you notice a dog owner might have missed his or her dog going please politely inform that dog owner. We want to keep our park CLEAN, but canít do it without the cooperation of those that frequent the park.


Some things to remember when visiting WOOF Park:

 Be respectful of others in the park, both canine and human!

 PLEASE pick up after your dog, itís not only courteous, itís the law.

 PLEASE read and follow the Park Rules.

 All DOG owners should read the Dog Ownerís Liability Act.

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Check out these great recipes!


We welcome recipes for our canine friends. Feel free to copy these doggie favorites and donít forget to pass your own along as well.

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